CHQ - Richard Viguerie Says Voters in a Foul Mood, President Obama Taking Democrats Off a Cliff

(Manassas, VA) - The following is a statement by Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, regarding today's special election in Massachusetts:

"In Tuesday's (January 19, 2010) special election to fill the Senate seat formerly occupied by the late Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts voters are adding their voices to those from Virginia and New Jersey voters.

"A wave is building that on November 2, 2010 will carry far more Democrats at the state and federal levels out of office than happened in the 1994 "Gingrich Revolution." 

"The fear and anger of American voters at the incumbent big-government party is so strong that no Democrat in America will be immune from the voters' wrath this November.

"The signs are clear for even the most committed liberals and the mainstream media to see a defeat of historic proportions is facing the Democratic Party in this November election.

"President Obama has three choices:

"1) He can quickly institute a mid-course shakeup of his White House staff and cabinet, abandon his socialist legislative agenda and propose free market solutions to America's economic problems;

 "2) He can continue his present course and take most Democrats on the November ballot over a high cliff and so weaken the Democratic Party that a new centrist party will arise to replace the present Democratic Party; or

 "3) He can attempt to accelerate his socialist agenda in the face of overwhelming voter repudiation, assuring his defeat for re-election and his place in the ash heap of history.

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