CHQ - What Scott Brown Win Means For Conservatives

New Conservative leaders to challenge political establishment regardless of party (Richard Viguerie)  - "Scott Brown's election to the Senate is another example of the energy and passion that has been brought to the Republican Party in the past year by new conservative leaders. The next battleground for these new conservative leaders against the establishment big-government politicians will be in Republican and Democratic primaries.  These new conservative leaders are gearing up to challenge the political establishment regardless of party."

Daily Lickskillet: Not by Washington standards! 

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Why Scott Brown Won
Human Events (Katie O'Malley) - "Scott Brown and his campaign did what many on the right have wanted to do but few understood; they put the components of a needed GOP infrastructure in place while successfully tapping into the growing populist energy and enthusiasm of a neophyte grassroots movement."

Three reasons why conservatives should focus on grassroots politics 
Conservative Outpost  - "Why should we as conservatives focus on the grassroots when it comes to politics? Because that's where the opportunities are."

Constitution Candidates Expand Across States
Tenth Amendment Center - "The polling numbers suggest that Constitution candidates-those pledging to vote for smaller government that adheres to the limits of the U.S. Constitution-will enjoy a distinct advantage over their big-government establishment neoconservative rivals during the upcoming 2010 election cycle."

Opinion: Populists at the Gate 
MIT Tech  - "It is against this backdrop of intense Republican dysfunctionality that the Tea Party has risen to prominence. In the power vacuum, the Tea Party became the loyal opposition not by choice, but by default."

The Scott Brown Election is a Referendum on the Establishment
Melissa Clouthier  - "Lest the Republicans get too smug as they look toward the 2010 midterms, I'd suggest a strong dash of humility. Scott Brown ran against Obamacare, yes. He ran against stupid DOJ policies toward terrorists, yes. Most of all, he ran against an entitled, tyrannical establishment that has been telling the American people, for far too long, that they know better than you."


After the Brown victory, contest every race!
Daily Pundit - "Here's the strategy. We contest every race. The goal is to put as many liberty-minded conservatives into office as we can, and where that is impossible, to elect the most congenial Republican we can get."

Forces of Change Now Target Obama's Policies  
Politico  - "The same forces of disgust with establishment politicians and hunger for change in Washington that vaulted Obama to power 14 months ago can be harnessed with equal success by people who want to stop his agenda in its tracks."

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