Freedom Action - Al Gore Books Needed to Aid Crisis!

In the face of a brutal cold snap and fuel shortage in Britain, it's been reported that pensioners are actually buying used books to burn for heating fuel (see write up below).  That's why Freedom Action, a new grassroots politcal action group, is calling on Al Gore to help British pensioners survive the freezing winter.  Freedom Action is asking Mr. Gore to join an effort to collect and airlift copies of his global warming science fiction bestsellers to help these people in dire need. 
Today, we have a new video plea to Mr. Gore:
What do you think?  Please don't hesitiate to forward it on to Mr. Gore...and Scott Brown...and anyone else you think would appreciate it. 

Gore’s Books Can Alleviate Humanitarian Crisis

Book Burning Will Warm Freezing Britons

Washington, DC., January 8, 2009 – It has been reported in the London press that poor, old-age pensioners are having to resort to buying books at thrift shops to burn to keep warm during the prolonged bitterly cold weather in the United Kingdom.  In response to this humanitarian crisis, Freedom Action is calling on former Vice President Al Gore to join an effort to collect and airlift copies of his science fiction bestsellers to British people in dire need. 

“We are collecting copies of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Our Choice, and Earth in the Balance and will send them to Oxfam in the UK to distribute for free to vulnerable people trying to survive the cold weather,” said Myron Ebell, Director of Freedom Action.  “We call on Mr. Gore to co-operate in our effort to relieve human suffering by providing copies of his books for burning in stoves and fireplaces.”

“It is appropriate that Al Gore’s books should be used to help keep poor people warm,” Ebell explained, “since the principal reason the British government is totally unprepared to deal with the brutally cold weather is because they have fallen for the global warming myths propagated by Gore himself in his bestselling books.  Burning Gore’s otherwise worthless books to keep people from freezing is their highest and best use.”