Horn For Congress - The Shot Heard Round the World

The election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate in the Massachusetts special election proved to the Nation that we will no longer sit by and let this congress bring us down a path of personal and national destruction.

Our Founding Fathers believed that government must always be held accountable to the people and yesterday the people of Massachusetts showed they believe the same thing. Americans are outraged at every elected official that has contributed to the over 12 trillion dollar deficit that will leave an unconscionable burden on generations to come.

Citizens are frustrated with the largest growth of government over the past 10 years that we have ever seen in the history of our nation. Voters are furious with elected representatives who repeatedly sing one tune while campaigning and then whistle another while governing.

Simply put, the voters rejected the "Ways of Washington."

In Massachusetts a new Revolution has begun. This time, the "Shot Heard Round the World" was that the people stood up with one voice and said: "NO MORE!" Let's show our friends in Massachusetts that we heard their voice. Please take a minute to go online and make a $25 contribution to my campaign. When you are done, please email everyone in your address book and ask them to do the same. The old way of doing business in Washington is over. The 2nd District needs a Representative in Washington who will hold true to the fundamental principle that good government is small government.

It is no longer about blue or red, Republican or Democrat. It is about what is right for New Hampshire and what is right for America.

The time is now and together we can change Washington.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Horn

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