NRCC - Shea-Porter Ignores Massachusetts Lessons, Balks at Transparency Once Again

New Hampshire Democrat Blocks Measure to Shine Some Light on Backroom Healthcare Dealing

Washington- In the wake of their humiliating loss in the Massachusetts Senate Special Election, Democrats are scrambling to save their floundering healthcare legislation. As Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her loyal allies hide behind closed doors, devising a scheme to get their bill forced through Congress before their caucus collapses, Americans are still demanding transparency. But thanks to Carol Shea-Porter, they’re still not going to get it. After refusing to sign her name onto a bipartisan Sunshine Resolution, Shea-Porter voted today to block consideration of a measure that would require her party’s shady negotiations to be brought into the light of day.

Even after the Massachusetts thumping, Democrat leaders want to force through their healthcare debacle:

U.S. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday Democrats will push ahead with a sweeping healthcare overhaul despite a Republican win in a special Senate election in Massachusetts.

"We will move forward with those considerations in mind -- but we will move forward," Pelosi told the U.S. Conference of Mayors.” (Susan Heavey, “House Will Move Ahead with Health Care: Pelosi,” Reuters, 1/20/10)

But the results in the country’s bluest state make it clear that the public has different ideas:

 “Scott Brown's opposition to congressional health care legislation was the most important issue that fueled his U.S. Senate victory in Massachusetts, according to exit poll data collected following the Tuesday special election.

 “Fifty-two percent of Bay State voters who were surveyed as the polls closed said they opposed the federal health care reform measure and 42 percent said they cast their ballot to help stop President Obama from passing his chief domestic initiative.” (David Catanese, “Exit Poll: Health Care Mattered,” Politico, 1/20/10)

 “Last night, Massachusetts voters sent a clear signal that Democrats like Carol Shea-Porter are writing their own political obituaries by forcing their bloated healthcare legislation through Congress,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Families in New Hampshire and Massachusetts alike are rightfully angry and frustrated over the Democrats’ backroom dealings, but Shea-Porter continues to endorse these shady negotiations. If Shea-Porter didn’t get the message last night, she’ll hear it loud and clear in November.”