CHQ - Supreme Court ruling helps grassroots causes

Here's my tweet for today:

@Richard Viguerie  The Dirty little secret about campaign finance laws. They were designed to protect incumbents by stifling competition.

Today's Supreme Court decision: Good Riddance to Incumbent-Protection Censorship; Hello Insurgents (Richard Viguerie) - "Today's Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case means that the anti-incumbent furor that has been growing is partly released from the shackles created by 'incumbent protection' election and campaign finance laws."

Scott Brown victory a reflection that grassroots support for conservative candidates and organizations at historic highs (Richard Viguerie)  - "Americans are furious, angry, and frightened at the political establishment's massive expansion of government in the last 10 years.  No big-government incumbent should feel safe in the 2010 primaries.  And as Massachusetts voters showed, that applies in the bluest of blue states." 




Daily Lickskillet: You bought a plane ticket for your hat? 

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Dems Fret: Every State is in Play
Politico - "The Republican victory in Massachusetts has sent a wave of fear through the halls of the Senate, with moderate and liberal Democrats second-guessing their party's agenda - and worrying that they'll be the next victims of voters' anger." 
Tea Party shows its muscle in Bay State
Boston Globe - "As Scott P. Brown's populist message began making inroads into Democrat Martha Coakley's commanding lead, the call went out online, via e-mail and in chat rooms, drawing Tea Party activists to Massachusetts to woo its famously liberal electorate."

After Mass Senate Loss, Obama's Rhetoric Suggests Disastrous Course for Democrats 
Riehl World View  - "If an early impression of Obama's post-MA rhetoric accurately reflects his course of action, the American people may have an administration that thinks it better understands what their values are, or should be - and is preparing to tell them that to gain passage of his agenda."

Tea Time
New York Post - "Who's laughing now? Besides Sen.-elect Scott Brown, the big winner from Tuesday's stunning upset victory in Massachusetts is the so-called Tea Party movement -- grassroots activism sparked by out-of-control federal spending." 

Democratic Big Government Arrogance Has Created This Populist Revolt 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Patrick McIlhern)  - "This is what an ideological president and an unchecked Congress have done in one year. They turned what had been resignation, unease, doubt and skepticism [of the majority of fiscally conservative Americans] into an icy, rational, justified and motivating fear."

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