NetRight Daily: Massachusetts Edition

Now that the election in Massachusetts is over, there is a lot of fallout. For example, Nancy Pelosi announced today that she would be rejecting the Senate Health Care Bill. In today's NetRight Daily, I have included some analysis and fallout stories for all of you among other items. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:

Can You Say "Lame Duck"?:  Even as Scott Brown was obliterating Martha Coakley in the race for "Ted Kennedy's seat," a typically petulant Barack Obama was sending out the word that he was right, the American people were wrong – and they had better change their ways.

Obama's Kiss of Death in Massachusetts:  It's been a time of Tea parties throughout America, but did anyone really believe that the limited government movement that's sweeping across the country would arrive at the site of the original Tea party so soon?

Pelosi Rejects Senate Health Care Bill:  Nancy Pelosi rejects Senate Health Care Bill due to lack of support in the House. And now, any Health Care Bill is in severe jeopardy.

Chuck Schumer is Paging Red China:  After the Supreme Court decision came down today in the case of Citizens United vs. FEC, Chuck Schumer immediately got his marching orders from Beijing. He is now calling for hearings on what he calls an "Un-American" court decision.

Out-of-touch Democrats and the Kamikaze Congress:  The American people voted for change on November 4, 2008, many envisioning a new era of progressive politics and social reform under Barack Obama. The newly elected president got to work immediately, depending on a strengthened Democratic majority and high approval ratings in early 2009 to justify pushing a radical liberal agenda through Congress. One year later, public enthusiasm has shifted to the other side.

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