NHDP - Let's be Frank about Frank Guinta's Abysmal Record as Mayor of Manchester

As Mayor Guinta Begins His "Let's be Frank about" tour it's time for him to start answering questions about his record of increasing taxes, failing our schools, and leaving our streets less safe
Concord - Today, Frank Guinta will hold the first stop on his "Let's be Frank about..." tour, but voters can be sure that Frank Guinta won't be frank about his record as mayor of Manchester.
"Frank Guint made three promises when he ran for mayor:  lower Manchester's crime rate, reduce taxes and improve the quality of education in city schools.   As mayor of Manchester, Frank Guinta failed to deliver on a single one of those campaign promises," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Frank Guinta should be frank with voters about his failures as Manchester's mayor, and voters should ask Frank how they can trust him to deliver on his new set of promises."
Before Frank Guinta became mayor, Manchester was a city on the move.  But under Guinta's tenure, taxes went up, Manchester's entire school district was classified as a district in need of improvement, and the crime rate increased.   According to the Manchester Police Department, since 2008, burglaries have gone up over 30% and violent crime is up almost 10%.  
Instead of providing resources to stem the rise in crime, Guinta slashed funding for law enforcement.  Guinta's proposed cuts drew criticism from the police department's deputy chief who told Manchester aldermen that his proposal would strip the department of 11 essential officers.  Guinta even failed to report an assault on a member of the board of aldermen at a local bar, choosing instead to flee the scene.
And despite his failure to adequately address rising crime and schools in disrepair, taxes increased under Guinta's watch from $16.58/$1000 to 17.85/$1000.
"Frank Guinta needs to explain why the voters should promote him after his complete failure as mayor of Manchester," added Richer.
Manchester schools calssified "in need of improvement" under Guinta's Watch:    In 2006, the year Guinta took office as mayor, the New Hampshire Department of Education reported that 10 schools in the Manchester school district that were designated as 'Schools in Need of Improvement' (SINI) because they failed to meet one or more Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards established under No Child Left Behind.  [New Hampshire Department of Education SINI Final AYP Status, 11/08/06]
In June 2009, the department's report on Manchester's schools indicated that there are now 21 schools 'in need of improvement.' [New Hampshire Department of Education SINI Final AYP Status, 6/10/09]
Crime has increased dramatically with Guinta serving in City Hall. In fact, since 2008, burglaries have gone up over 30% and violent crime is up almost 10%.  [Manchester Police Department, "Crime Data," accessed 1/21/10]
Guinta has slashed law enforcement funding that would strip the Manchester police of 11 officers. [New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/22/08]
Guinta even fled the scene of a bar fight which left a man with a broken leg in 6 places. [Manchester Express, 6/30/09 - 7/05/09 issue]
Taxes went up on Guinta's watch. The tax rate for 2006 was $16.58 per $1000.00 of assessed home value [NH Government Municipal Rates, 2006].  The tax rate today is 17.85 per $1000.00 of assessed home value [Manchester Assessors Department, 2008].