NHDP - Rep. Boutin Skips the Governor's State of the State Address

Senate District 16 Candidate's failure to attend State of the State latest example in a long record of failing to show up  

Concord - In his State of the State address today, Governor Lynch outlined his vision for New Hampshire to State Supreme Court Justices, the Executive Council, State Senators, and State Representatives.  But David Boutin, the Republican candidate for District 16, was conspicuously absent.
 "David Boutin has a long track of not showing up to vote and his decision to skip the State of the State address today is shocking," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "The people of District 16 can't pick and choose when to show up to work and neither should Rep. Boutin."
David Boutin has had an abysmal attendance record as a State Representative.  In two of the years he served, 2009 and 1997, Rep. Boutin even missed almost 4 out of every 10 votes cast.
"The people of District 16 not only want someone that will represent their interests in the Senate, they want someone that will actually show up," added Richer.
Rep. Boutin's Attendance Record
·         Eligible Votes: 167
·         Total Times Voted: 105
·         Percentage: 63%
·         Eligible Votes: 135
·         Total Times Voted: 121
·         Percentage: 89%
·         Eligible Votes: 98
·         Total Times Voted: 64
·         Percentage: 65%
·         Eligible Votes: 82
·         Total Times Voted: 65
·         Percentage: 79%
·         Eligible Votes: 76
·         Total Times Voted: 55
·         Percentage: 72%
·         Eligible Votes: 92
·         Total Times Voted: 85
·         Percentage: 92%