CEI Weekly: CEI Grades Obama Administration in 2009

>>CEI Grades the Obama Administration

CEI experts this week released their grades for the Obama administration's performance, by agency, in 2009. All the grades and written reviews are available at CEI.org.

>>Shaping the Debate

The Bank Tax and the Bay State

John Berlau's op-ed in the National Review Online

Net Neutrality Debate Sparks Public Comments

Wayne Crews' quotation in InformationWeek

>>Best of the Blogs 

"Big, Bad Banks" - a "Faux-Populist' Response

by Fran Smith

President Obama and the Democrats have the banking industry in their sights with their trigger fingers itching.  It’s their populist response to the “Massachusetts Miracle” election of Republican Scott Brown.  After reviewing the election results and polling numbers, they probably finally realized that “We the People” don’t want a cobbled-together, trillion-dollar health care plan rushed through Congress.  Nor do they want a cap-and-trade bill that will restrict energy use and jack up their energy costs.  Neither do they want more spend-and-tax schemes that leave them holding the bag.

Regulation of the Day 102: The Size of Banks

by Ryan Young

Louis Brandeis was a hero of the Progressive Era. One of the central tenets of his philosophy is that when it comes to business, big equals bad. Even if consumers benefit. Doesn’t matter. Big is bad. Then there is Brandeis on consumers: “servile, self-indulgent, indolent, ignorant.” It was his justification for wanting to fix prices in favor of small businesses. Consumers invariably prefer low prices. The problem is that sometimes big businesses offer those low prices. And this upset Brandeis to no end. How dare consumers take price into account! The size of the business is more important! This is not a rigorous line of thought. But it’s one the current administration has bought into. The White House is expected to propose today a maximum allowable size for banks. Because big is bad.

>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 77: The Future of the Senate

This week, Richard Morrison, Jeremy Lott and the American Spectator’s Joseph Lawler assemble to bring you episode 77. We explore the Massachusetts Senate race, Google vs. China on web censorship, the debate over global warming in Detroit, the cost of doing business in Venezuela and the inspiring philanthropic response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

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