CHQ - Mass Victory Belongs to Grassroots, Not GOP Leaders

Here's my tweet for today:

@Richard Viguerie  Grass roots cons - MA victory is result of your work in 2009. While GOP leaders mostly silent-you met, spoke out, donated, emailed, blogged.

March for Life today: Give a voice to those who have none

Catholic Online - "On January 22, 2010 millions will march on our Nation's Capital and in Cities around the Nation. We mourn the United States Supreme Court decision of January 22, 1973, Roe v Wade. The countless millions of children killed in the first home of the whole human race cry out for justice." 



Daily Lickskillet: I couldn't change the outcome of the 2008 election . . . 
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California Democrats Tremble at Massachusetts Senate Results
Los Angeles Times - "Strategists say confidence has faded that Sen. Boxer, running for reelection, and Atty. Gen. Brown, perhaps running for governor, would coast to wins. Analysts say GOP could pick up legislative seats."
Brown's Victory is the Declaration of Independents
Pajamas Media - "In the aftermath of Scott Brown's stunning upset election victory in Massachusetts, pundits will be debating the meaning and political implications for weeks to come. However, one fact is incontrovertibly clear. The race hinged on the independent voters."
After Massachusetts, All Eyes Turn to Connecticut's Bipartisan Dysfunction - "Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts means that the next stop on the Obama backlash tour could be neighboring Connecticut, where another long-time Democratic Senate seat is up for grabs."
Conservatives: Beware of McCain regression syndrome
Michelle Malkin - "In the afterglow of the Massachusetts Miracle, there are flickers of peril for the right. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but like Paul Revere's midnight message, consider this warning "a cry of defiance, and not of fear."
2010-the year we take Michigan back! - "So how do we, as Constitutional Conservatives take over a party? You want to change the direction? Then find other people who think like you and get organized within the party."
Public Agrees With Court: Campaign Money Is "Free Speech"
Gallup - "Americans' broad views about corporate spending in elections generally accord with the Supreme Court's decision Thursday that abolished some decades-old restrictions on corporate political activity."

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