Says being a nice guy is no excuse for blatantly misleading the people

Concord, NH - Today, it was reported that the Department of Administrative Services, under the leadership of Governor Lynch, requested nearly $80 million dollars from the state's 'rainy day fund' in order to close the deficit gap for the 2009 budget.  This request comes just one day after Governor Lynch stood before the people of New Hampshire in his State of the State address and told them that the 2009 budget was balanced.  Reacting to this development was Cornerstone-Action's, Kevin Smith: 

"The nice guy gig is up for Governor Lynch.  Just because you tell the people of New Hampshire that the budget is balanced with a smile of your face is no excuse for blatantly misleading them.  Once again, Governor Lynch is proving that his word simply cannot be trusted.  That fact that Governor Lynch had to ask the fiscal committee for $80 million dollars out of the Rainy Day Fund has much less to do with the current recession than is does because of his failure to control state spending." 

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