NetRight Daily: The Times are Changing

Democrats Drop Health Plan in Face of Voter Anger:  Congressional Democrats are abandoning their massive health care package in the face of strong public resistance manifested in the election of Republican Scott Brown of Massachusetts to the Senate.

Roberts Court Strikes Down Censorship:  Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, delivered another fatal blow to a censorship doctrine that has pervaded the federal election system for decades, adding new life to the First Amendment that has been largely frozen since the McCain-Feingold campaign restrictions went into effect in 2002.

Unions Are Bringing Home the Bacon:  Proponents of comprehensive health care reform have for years expressed a wish to take the provision of health insurance out of the hands of private employers. They would either place it completely in the hands of government, via a single-payer system, or of individuals through a vehicle like Ezekiel Emanuel's government subsidized and issued voucher system.

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