NHDP - Statement from NHDP Executive Director Mike Brunelle in Response to Republican Statements on the Budget

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Brunelle issued the following statement in response to statements made by New Hampshire Republicans about the balanced budget passed by Governor Lynch.
"In the worst recession since the Great Depression, Governor Lynch and legislative Democrats made the tough choices necessary to pass a responsible and balanced budget.  This included making significant cuts.  It also included taking steps, such as using the Rainy Day Fund, the same thing that  Republican governors -- including Craig Benson -- have taken in the past.
"In fact, the only time the budget has ended in deficit was under the failed leadership of John H. Sununu.  During Sununu's tenure as governor, spending increased by an average of 22.25% per biennium, taxes were increased, and the 1983 and 1984 budgets were left in deficit.