NHDP - Will Ayotte Defend Court Decision to Let Special Interests Meddle in NH Elections?

Kelly Ayotte's Establishment Backers Hailed Yesterday's News - Will She Side With Big Corporations Instead of Middle-Class Voters in the Granite State?


CONCORD - Republicans in Washington hailed yesterday's Supreme Court decision to allow corporations and powerful special interests to meddle in New Hampshire elections. With a proven track record of siding with the DC establishment before New Hampshire's middle class, will Kelly Ayotte defend the decision as well?


Ayotte has consistently chosen to put powerful special interests before the needs of New Hampshire's middle-class families. She supports a health care plan that would eliminate essential consumer protections like ob/gyn care and allow insurance companies to deny you coverage when you get sick [Concord Monitor, 1/8/10]. After signing a far-right pledge to repeal these protections if elected, her campaign announced a meet and greet with health insurance executives in Washington [Fosters, 1/15/10; Blue Hampshire, 1/21/10]. Earlier this week she came out against the President's plan to hold Wall Street accountable and recover taxpayer dollars used to bail out big banks [Union Leader, 1/21/10].


 "Kelly Ayotte would like your health care run by insurance executives, your bank accounts controlled by Wall Street - and now your elections decided by special interests and big corporations?" said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "New Hampshire's middle-class families need someone who will fight for them, not work against them. And the only things Kelly Ayotte will defend in Washington are the interests of big banks, big business and big profits - the very things that derailed our economy in the first place."