NRCC - Will Shea-Porter Ignore Lessons of Massachusetts and March Along With Healthcare Overhaul?

Despite Referendum on Healthcare, Democrats Signal They’ll Move Forward With Reconciliation

Washington- Voters sent a loud and clear message to Democrats on Tuesday night by electing a Republican to a Massachusetts Senate seat for the first time in three decades. In the bluest of the blue states, voters filled the polls in record turnout, electing a Republican who campaigned against Democrats’ healthcare overhaul. Now, rather than taking heed to the warnings, Pelosi and her Democrat posse remain fixated on ramming their healthcare overhaul through Congress. With the warnings shots fired, the question is: Did Carol Shea-Porter hear them?

Despite the obvious warning, Democrats remain intent on pushing their healthcare overhaul through Congress. Their plan to use reconciliation procedures –requires only a party line vote in order to pass the bill, shutting out independent and Republican voices altogether.

 “A well-informed source tells The Mouth Nancy Pelosi is set to announce the House will go the reconciliation route on health care reform.

 “Of course, that means using a budgetary procedure that requires a simple majority to pass.” (Michael McAuliff, “It's Reconciliation (Update),” New York Daily News, 1/21/2010)

 “A new USA Today/Gallup poll out today shows 55% of respondents want President Obama and Congressional Democrats to "suspend work on the current health care bill ... and consider alternative bills that can receive Republican support." And 39% want to see Democrats "continue to try" to pass health care.” (Rachel Slajda, “Poll: Majority Of Americans Wants Dems To Suspend Work On Health Care,” Talking Points Memo, 1/22/2010)        

In a politically volatile time for Democrats, this ignorant and hasty move could cost them big:

"’Even in liberal Massachusetts, most voters are opposed to it,’ said Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, a Democratic pollster in Raleigh, N.C., who has conducted polls in that state and others on health care. "If it's not popular in Massachusetts, it's really not popular anywhere." (Janet Adamy & Naftali Bendavid, “Massachusetts Race Now Key to Health Bill,” Wall Street Journal, 1/18/2010)

 “He said Democrats have learned a crucial lesson: that even in very blue states, Democrats should expect a ‘volatile’ environment with a ‘tough’ electorate — and ‘you can’t afford not to be aggressive.’” (Manu Raju, Jonathan Martin and John Bresnahan, “Finger-pointing begins for Democratic insiders,” Politico, 1/19/2010)

 “’My message to my clients? Jump ship now,’ said one Democratic operative who advises a number of targeted Members of Congress. ‘Obama can't help you.’” (Chris Cillizza, “Scott Brown wins Massachusetts Senate special election race,” Washington Post, 1/20/2010)

 “After blindly supporting her party leaders’ disastrous healthcare overhaul the first time, New Hampshire taxpayers have every right to believe Carol Shea-Porter will once again choose partisan politics over the interests of her constituents,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Now that Nancy Pelosi and her puppets have chosen to ram their healthcare overhaul through Congress, the stakes have gotten higher. With the tide of public opinion now moving swiftly against Washington Democrats, will Shea-Porter stand up to their partisan ways or will she be the next Democrat casualty?”