AFP - Have Your Voice Heard at the State of the Union

This Wednesday evening, President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress at a crucial time for our free market principles and our nation.

Due to the hard work of folks like you and the American people's strong voice, the president's health care takeover has been slowed.  As a result of his liberal agenda, the president's personal poll numbers are among the lowest for any president just finishing a first year in the White House. 

But, Wednesday night the president will attempt to redefine the health care issue, and really, his entire presidency.

We must make sure our message is heard on this crucial night -- by members of Congress and the media.

So Americans for Prosperity is hosting town hall meetings across the nation on Wednesday night beginning one hour before President Obama speaks.  CLICK HERE FOR LOCATIONS AND TO JOIN US

I hope you'll join grassroots activists like yourself to hear our "pre-response" to the president's speech and to send a message that this attempted big-government health care takeover must end now.   Then, we'll settle in together and watch President Obama's speech, after which you will have the opportunity to respond during a question and comment period. 

If you cannot join us in person, please go online to at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to see a live video stream of our anchor town hall meeting from the great state of Arkansas.  I'll be there with local and national speakers to deliver our message.

This weekend I looked at President Obama's address to Congress last January.  In the opening minute he promised to focus on job creation and getting our economy moving again.  But, sadly he's broken his promises, focusing instead on a big government agenda that:

* Passed a $787-billion "stimulus" bill that simply poured more money we don't have into pet projects and to political allies.  The president promised his "stimulus" bill would ensure that unemployment did not go above 8%, but today unemployment stands at 10% and real unemployment at 17%, according to Department of Labor numbers.

* Called for cap-and-trade legislation that will raise taxes on gasoline and utility bills, kill hundreds of thousands of jobs, and encroach on the freedoms of Americans as they live their daily lives -- all in the name of a global warming ideology that is called into question more and more each day. 

* Passed a fiscal year 2010 budget that raised non-defense discretionary spending by 12% at a time when American families and businesses are having to cut back their budgets.

* And, with jobs being lost and Americans deeply concerned about government spending and our economy's future -- the president actually decided his top priority was to try and spend trillions on a government health care takeover that would reduce patient choice, hurt the quality of our health care and create over 100 new government agencies with tens of thousands of new federal bureaucrats.

We've got to make sure the record of this president is brought before Americans this Wednesday night as he delivers his State of the Union speech, because this health care battle is not over.   

In fact, it's at an important point with Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid still saying they want to move forward with an aggressive health care bill.

Your hard work and sacrifice have won us some breathing room to protect our freedoms.  But Wednesday night is a big night for us as well as the president. 

Send a message to your members of Congress and to the media that free-market activists are calling for an end to this attempted health care takeover.  And, we're calling for the president and Congress to end their big-government, big-spending, tax-increasing ways NOW. 

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Tim Phillips

PS:  Stay in the fight and have some fun as well.  Join us this Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for one of our Americans for Prosperity town hall meetings.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS and to let us know you'll join us either in person or online this Wednesday.

One last thing.  The president has recently attempted to shift the focus from his big-government agenda by attacking fellow Americans with overheated populist rhetoric that seeks to find villains instead of solutions.  It's a tired old tactic from the Left -- remember Al Gore doing it in the closing days of the 2000 campaign?  But, we'll also be urging the president to end these negative attacks.