NH Families Petition for an Indepth Audit of NH DCYF

For full request including the 20 main points/objectives and a petition that you can e-sign to request some further action by the NH DCYF Click Below:

Petition to Audit NH DCYF

NH families are requesting an audit of NH DHHS/DCYF. A list of points has been put together by NH families to show how much an audit is duly warranted in this state.

These specific requirements are to include a professional conduct code for each level of staff, specific levels of education for each level of staff (including ongoing training to work with children youth and families), professional licensure codes and professional and licensure accountability of biased or falsified information for all NH DCYF staff and all NH DCYF subcontracted staff who have direct or indirect contact/work with the children in NH DCYF custody or their families (this would include parent aids also).

Request that NH DCYF be made to correct their wrongdoings, return children promptly to the family as soon as there is evidence that contradicts the allegations made by NH DCYF staff, that NH DCYF be required to financially compensate each child/youth/family whom NH DCYF has traumatized, injured, abused, neglected, slandered. NH DCYF must be required to compensate each parent for the loss of job, loss of home, all physical and emotional insults and injuries caused by NH DCYF staff for practicing outside of the scope of their practice, for obtaining privately protected health and medical information without the consent of the child's parent/guardian, for each false statement made about a family member, for each failure to keep the child in safe environment that is most appropriate for the child's needs, financial compensation for failure to ensure that a child in NH DCYF custody be allowed their Constitutional rights, financial compensation for failure to promptly assess, and ensure appropriate diagnosis and treatment of a child in NH DCYF custody.