NHDP - Will the Entire GOP Primary Field Join Kelly Ayotte in the Pockets of Special Interest?

Kelly Ayotte Embraced Last Week's Supreme Court Decision to Give Special Interests Free Reign in NH Elections - Where do the Other Republican Candidates Stand?


CONCORD - New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte came out in full force this weekend to defend last week's Supreme Court decision which will allow special interests and corporations to funnel an unlimited amount of money into Granite State elections, ceding control over the political process to well-financed interest groups rather than New Hampshire voters [Nashua Telegraph, 1/24/10].


Will Ovide Lamontagne, Bill Binnie and Jim Bender put themselves in the pockets of special interest as well?


"Kelly Ayotte should spend more time listening to the middle-class families of New Hampshire instead of the powerful special interests funding her campaign," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She's been dead silent on a plan to create jobs for middle-class workers in the Granite State, yet wasted no time chiming in to defend the powerful corporations trying to drown out the voices of everyday voters in 2010. Will the rest of the GOP field jump into the pockets of special interests as well?"


Ayotte has consistently chosen to put powerful special interests and the agenda of the DC establishment before the needs of New Hampshire's middle-class families. On health care she supports a plan that would eliminate essential consumer protections like ob/gyn care and allow insurance companies to deny you coverage when you get sick [Concord Monitor, 1/8/10]. After signing a far-right pledge to repeal these protections if elected, Ayotte's campaign announced a meet and greet with health insurance executives in Washington [Fosters, 1/15/10; Blue Hampshire, 1/21/10]. And last week, her campaign came out against the President's plan to hold Wall Street accountable and recover taxpayer dollars used to bail out big banks [Union Leader, 1/21/10].


"Kelly Ayotte represents Wall Street, insurance companies, big corporations, the DC establishment and other special interests devoted to silencing New Hampshire's middle class. Who do the rest of the GOP candidates represent?" said Browne.