CHQ - Democratic politicians retiring…and dropping like flies

Why did Beau Biden really drop out of Delaware Senate race?

Michelle Malkin - "More than ever, the public is paying attention to the culture of corruption. A bruising Senate campaign in the Era of the Tea Party - and in the wake of the Massachusetts miracle - would bring uncomfortable light to bear on Biden family cronyism."



Daily Lickskillet: Populism is like sincerity. 

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Election 2010 Indiana Senate: Pence 47% Bayh 44%
Rasmussen Reports - "Indiana Senator Evan Bayh is another Democratic incumbent who could find himself in a tough reelection battle this fall."
Arkansas Democrat Marion Berry to announce retirement today
Arkansas News - "Rep. Marion Berry will announce his retirement today. This creates a vacancy in the first congressional district for the first time since 1997. A Democrat has held this seat since 1891."
Hayworth signals battle for McCain's seat looms
Arizona Republic - "After months of talking about it, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth appears ready to take on Sen. John McCain in Arizona's Republican Senate primary."
John McCain:  Palin's political bridge to nowhere 
American Thinker - Steve Flesher writes with disappointment on Sarah Palin's decision to campaign for John McCain on behalf of his Arizona Senate re-election effort - and wonders what she could possibly hope to gain in the process. 
Brown's victory is for TEApublicanism
Renew America - Tim Dunkin examines Scott Brown's senatorial victory in Massachusetts, and argues it would not have been possible without the Republican Party working together with TEA Party activists to defeat the Democratic candidate.  Dunkin says such a victory should serve as a model nationwide.
Tea Party Crashers
American Thinker (Mark J. Fitzgibbons) - Mark J. Fitzgibbons addresses the constitutional right to peaceably assemble, as some members of the major media are complaining that they're being purposely excluded from a Tea Party event later this month.  Fitzgibbons says it's perfectly within the Tea Party members' power to invite (or not invite) any media that it chooses.

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