AFP - Obama's "Jobs" Video and Town Halls

You can tell what folks are thinking about most by listening to what they talk about.  Pretty simple principle.

President Obama gave a "jobs" speech in Ohio a few days ago, and we analyzed it hoping to find some good policy ideas for getting our economy moving again.  Instead, we found something amazing.

The president actually said the word "taxpayers" two times and he said the words "small business" 8 times. But, guess how many times he referred to himself with "I" or "me"?!?  You have to watch the video to find out, and you'll have to see it to believe it! Watch the video.

So what can we expect tonight?

You may have heard that President Obama has proposed a three-year "freeze" on federal spending, and that may sound good on its face.  But it's really a gimmick to make it look like the administration has heard your voice about the size of government. 

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office just released its projections for the coming year and they found something interesting.  Without Obama's "freeze," discretionary spending would actually decrease over the next four years.  So by freezing spending at today's higher level, it would mean spending more!

One more thing about the "freeze" - it freezes in place all of the huge spending increases from Obama's first year in office.  When the stimulus was passed, we were told it would be temporary; Obama's freeze would extend that spending for three more years. Don't be fooled.        

And, when he talks about job creation, think about the president's two top priorities – a health care takeover and cap-and-trade. Both drive up government spending, take us even deeper into debt, raise taxes on American families and businesses, and kill hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs. 

As the president attempts to re-invent his brand tonight, let's make sure we keep the truth detector running full speed. 

And, let's make sure we keep up the fight for our freedoms.


Tim Phillips

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