CHQ - More Obama Obfuscation

President's Proposal to Freeze Spending is Obama Obfuscation (Richard Viguerie) - "President Obama's expected announcement that he would support a freeze on non-security spending is another Obama obfuscation. Mr. President, if you are serious about controlling spending and reducing the dangerous deficit, you can demonstrate your bona fides with a stroke of your pen."



Daily Lickskillet: A 'Populist' State of the Union address... 

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Scott Brown Could Defeat Obama in Presidential Race
NewsMax - "A stunning new poll conducted by Newsmax/Zogby reveals that Massachusetts' new Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown could defeat Barack Obama in a presidential election." 
Dem Plan: Split GOP, tea party
Politico  - "Showing that they've learned the lesson of Massachusetts, [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Robert] Menendez and his staff will distribute a memo Tuesday advising Democratic campaign managers to frame their opponents early - and to drive a wedge between moderate voters and tea-party-style conservatives."
McCain Turns up Heat on Hayworth
Yahoo News - "One year after seeing his presidential ambitions extinguished in an overwhelming defeat, Arizona Sen. John McCain is launching a scorched-earth campaign aimed at incinerating a reelection challenge from J.D. Hayworth, the conservative former Arizona congressman and radio talk show host." 
Fake Populism No Match for True Populism
Washington Times - The faux populism of Obama is likely to spark a true populist response, sending all Big-Government politicians packing. The Washington Times describes Obama's problems: "The Obama team is reaching out to 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe for damage control, which suggests that since they cannot govern, they might as well campaign. Mr. Obama pledges to keep on fighting, but pushing harder for ruinously bad policies is not populism; it is political suicide."
DeVore Hopes to Notch Mass Style Upset in California
San Francisco Chronicle - "Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore wants to be the Scott Brown of California - a conservative GOP state legislator who vaults to the U.S. Senate in a state dominated by Democratic voters."

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