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G.I Bill Benefits Pushed Aggressively by DVA

by Mike Leon, Staff Writer

Delivering the Dept of Veterans Affairs (DVA) education benefits from the Post-9/11 GI Bill is one area the DVA does not want to screw up and its commitment in the face of continuing criticism from veterans groups on other DVA benefits is the topic of DVA communiques to state veteran affairs bureaucrats to presume a veteran is eligible and move the benefits process forward.
Standing in stark contrast to the infamous DVA culture of no and denial of benefits for disabilities sustained during service, the intended message from the DVA regarding the GI Bill appears a message of yes.

The apparent effort behind the presumption of eligibility for education benefits actually has the tone of the-guy's-a-vet, get-him/her-what-he-needs urgency that would represent a historic departure in this government agency that has taken on the face of an implacable enemy for many veterans.
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