Jeb Bradley - David Boutin Needs Your Help

On February 16th voters in three Manchester wards, Bow, Dunbarton, Candia, and Hooksett have an opportunity to continue conservative momentum in Concord. The State Senate seat in District 16 is vacant due to the recent election of Ted Gatsas as Manchester’s Mayor. Ted is off to a great start as mayor after serving with distinction in the Senate.

Due to Mayor Gatsas’s successful election, voters have a choice to fill his vacant seat with a proven tax fighting conservative or someone whose unabashedly liberal voting record means ever growing government. I don't know about you, but I think we already have enough reckless spending Democrats in Concord!

David Boutin is the proven tax fighter and the conservative in this race

and I ask that you consider assisting his fundraising efforts.

After a successful business career David served two terms in the New Hampshire House from 1995 to 1998. David retired with his wife of nearly forty years to Hooksett. When there was a vacancy in the House, David stepped up to win a special election in 2007. Currently he is a member of the Ways and Means Committee and also serves as a Town Councilor in Hooksett.

When the Senate District 16 seat became vacant, David went to work. He greeted voters by knocking on over a thousand doors, visited transfer stations, and made countless phone calls. His hard work paid off as he won a spirited Republican primary on January 12th.

But now David’s task becomes tougher as he faces a well funded Democrat, Representative Jeff Goley, who is beholden to the crowd of grow government liberals and other special interests who want to win this seat so they can continue their spending and taxing binge.

In 2009 alone, Representative Jeff Goley has voted for a new capital gains tax, a new estate tax, as well as increases in the gas tax, rooms and meals tax, tobacco tax, gambling taxes, and car and boat registrations fees. Mr. Goley further voted to shift millions of dollars of expenses to cities and towns thus raising property taxes. And worst of all, Mr. Goley voted for the so called LLC Tax, which is nothing more than an income tax levied on small business owners – implemented without a public hearing. Yes, that's right, an income tax on business owners without even the courtesy of a public hearing! In the past Mr. Goley has voted for the statewide property tax and against killing a general sales tax.

Why all the taxes? Well, Mr. Goley voted for a spending binge: hikes of over 10% in the latest budget and 11% in the previous budget ---- a staggering increase of $2.1 billion. New Hampshire government has grown at a phenomenal pace during the same time that people across the state are making difficult cut backs and tough personal decisions because of the terrible economy. 

There could not be a clearer difference between these two candidates. Representative David Boutin, a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, voted against this bloated budget and voted against the 38 tax and fee hikes that Mr. Goley supported. David Boutin knows that growing government, raising taxes and burdening small business with stifling regulations will not get the 50,000 unemployed New Hampshire citizens back to work.

On the issues that matter most to voters today – restoring a growing economy, prudently managing the state’s budget, and not over-taxing New Hampshire’s hard pressed working families, there could not be a clearer choice for the voters in Senate District 16. That's why I am asking you to consider making a donation to David’s effort today.

Special elections usually involve low turnout so it is possible Mr. Goley and the State Democratic Party can use their current financial advantage to add yet another vote to the tax and spend agenda in Concord. But with your generous help, we can turn that around and insure this senate seat remains in the hands of a conservative.

As I write this letter, David Boutin is again knocking on doors. No one will work harder to protect your pocketbook, your values or your freedoms. David knows how to say no and he knows when enough is enough.

Please visit his website at: where you can also make a contribution. Or call David on his cell phone while he is out knocking on doors at 603-203-6591. Thank you so much for your consideration of David’s campaign. His victory will send a strong message for fiscal responsibility to Concord.

Very sincerely yours,


Jeb Bradley