Statement from Rep. Jeff Goley on the 30 Percent Drop in High School Dropout Rate

Democratic Candidate for Senate District 16 Special Election praises impressive progress made by New Hampshire Schools

Concord - Today, Rep. Jeff Goley issued the following statement on a report released by the State Department of Education that shows a 30% drop in the high school dropout rate last year.  
"The significant drop in the high school dropout rate is great for students and great for New Hampshire.  In today's increasingly competitive world, a high school education is essential.  The reduction in the dropout rate not only helps our children succeed, it ensures our state continues to attract the good jobs that require a skilled workforce.
"I'm proud to have worked with Governor Lynch to increase the state's compulsory school attendance age to 18.   Through hard work and a commitment to our state's children, I'm confident New Hampshire will continue to be one of the most well educated states in the country.  And if elected the next state Senator of District 16, I will fight to make sure that every child in our state has access to a great public education.