CHQ - The "Taint of Incumbency" Spreading to Big-Government Politicians of Both Parties

The New "Taint of Incumbency"

Washington Independent - "While Republicans are hoping Brown's victory foreshadows a GOP landslide, a number of political experts are warning that the country's restless anxiety - as evidenced not only in Massachusetts, but in Virginia, New Jersey, and now Florida as well - is less a backlash against Democrats in particular than a rebuke of the business-as-usual politics of Capitol Hill in general."



Daily Lickskillet ...teaching him how to sound "populist"

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Mike Pence won't run for Senate in 2010, would consider Presidential run in 2012
Red State - "Lots of people on the outside have been pushing Pence, but he has all along seemed interested in staying to fight for 2010. A Senate run would bring into question his ability to lead the House GOP Conference at the same time."

Rubio and Crist Trade Barbs While Speaking at Same Event
Miami New Times  - "Republican Senate opponents Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio spoke one after another this morning at the Associated Press legislative planning session, and while they avoided a face-to-face meeting they both took swipes at the others. It must have been uncomfortable for the two considering yesterday's polling showed Rubio in the lead for the first time."

Kudlow Giving "Careful Attention" To Possible Run Against Schumer
Riehl World View  - "There's at least some talk that Chuck Schumer may be more vulnerable than he's ever been. It's hard to say but anything can happen in politics. Scott Brown taking the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy tells us that."
Tea Party Rally At Obama's Visit To Tampa Tomorrow
Tampa Tea Party News - "Around noon on Thursday, January 28th, President Obama will be speaking to a rally announcing $2.5 Billion dollars of  'stimulus' spending on a rail and bus system interconnecting Tampa with Orlando.The Tampa Tea Party and the Bay Area 912 groups are conducting a counter-rally against this wasteful and misguided spending."

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