Manchester, NH – Frank Guinta released the following statement on President Obama’s State of the Union Address this evening:

“President Obama this evening delivered a speech focused primarily on the economy and jobs.  In it, he noted that jobs would be the focus of 2010.  Following a year with double digit unemployment rates which continue to climb, my first question to Congress and this Administration – why wasn’t it a focus in 2009?  Thousands of New Hampshire citizens, and millions across America, have lost their jobs and to now decide that it is something to pay attention to says to me this is policy based on political expediency, not good government.  Last year Congress and President Obama spent a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus with a promise that was never delivered on—it will create jobs.  Tonight they have asked the American people to support a second stimulus to accomplish what the first failed to do. We cannot spend ourselves out of this crisis and it concerns me we have not yet learned this lesson. 

“But, here is a point that struck me most.  As President Obama said with one hand we will spend more money on a second stimulus, increased grant funds, and other expenditures; he said with the other we need a spending freeze.  Well,  I couldn’t agree more that our spending is out of control and we must rein it in.  We should freeze all spending that does not include that which assists in defending our homeland, our personal security and does not break the commitments we have made to our seniors and our most vulnerable. What was omitted from his speech is that it is this Administration and this Congress that pushed us so far so fast down this road.

“Let’s look at the past year.  Carol Shea-Porter and her colleagues have voted for the failed trillion dollar stimulus bill, the most fiscally irresponsible budget in history, a trillion dollar government run health care plan and when there wasn’t enough money to spend, recently voted to raise the debt limit by nearly two trillion dollars.  This call for a spending freeze is disingenuous at best.

“One cannot ignore the timing of this proposal which comes a week after a Republican was elected in the bluest of blue states.  When the peoples voices from NH and around the country weren’t heard loud enough, their votes were heard in Massachusetts and now political expediency has forced Congress to pay attention. I am glad they have.  I would like to see this new found interest in spending control followed by actions.  We can reduce the deficit and spending by using some common sense and fiscal responsibility.  We should call for an audit of all government agencies.  I simply refuse to believe that there is not waste in government. Find it and cut it.  Stimulate the economy by getting out of the way of small businesses.  Reduce their taxes and provide incentives so they may grow and hire.

“As we have seen in the past, deficit reduction will be addressed with proposed tax increases.  This is not necessary and not acceptable.  The People simply have no more to give.” –Frank Guinta, 1st District Congressional Candidate.