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Senators Slam Doors on Liberal Health Care Revival:  Hopes to revive health care reform in Congress continued to fade as Democratic leaders scramble to draft a new agenda addressing the nation's economic woes.

Adios Governor Dave:  Dave Freudenthal, jolly good fellow that he is, is fighting tooth and nail not to give up his plush state house office and return to the ranks of the hoi polloi. Never mind that Wyoming's highly popular term limits law says it's time for Dave to head on home. And never mind that every governor of recent vintage has done so without delay.

Legitimizing Theft:  How do you legitimize taking wealth from the citizens of a country that produce wealth and jobs and give it to those that do not? A hundred years ago, collectivists could rely on the writings of Karl Marx to promote class envy and advocate class warfare to create a Utopian communist state where the means of production were communally shared among the citizens of a country. But the reality of communism is, that after a violent revolution that destroyed private ownership of land and capital, capitalism was replaced by a far more repressive dictatorship that destroyed millions of lives and constrained all but the elite in the Communist party into lives of misery.

Obama's Debt Dud:  Leave it to Barack Obama to pass up on the political opportunity of a lifetime. Guess the 2010 election cycle just isn't that important.

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