NHDP - NH Senate Republicans Attempt to Curtail NH Citizens' Fundamental Right to Vote

Legislative Democrats fight for equality and access at Granite State polls


Concord - On the floor of the Senate last week, Republicans opposed a bill sponsored by Senate Democrats aimed at securing everyone's fundamental right to vote.  The legislation would require anyone contesting a person's right to vote on Election Day to sign a sworn affidavit, list the reasons why that person should be barred from voting, and affix their name. 

"Nothing should stand in the way of Granite Staters right vote," said Democratic Senator Jackie Cilley.  "And if someone challenges that right, they should be required to give a reason for their challenge, put it in writting, and swear the facts of their challenge are true to the best of their knowledge."

Despite testimony from multiple Senators of instances of voters inappropriately being turned away from the polls, House Bill 276 faced stiff opposition from Senate Republicans.  Senator Betty Lasky, Chair of the Election Law Committee, related an occurrence at the inner city ward of Nashua.  Anyone attempting to vote who appeared to be a minority was challenged she reported.  The City Clerk had to go down to the polling location to alleviate the resulting delays and end the frivolous challenges. 

"There is nothing more fundamental in our democracy than the right to vote," added Cilley.  "And Democrats in New Hampshire will continue to fight any legislation that puts that right in jeopardy."