NRCC - Question for Carol Shea-Porter: Would You Support the Failed 'Stimulus' Again?

One Year Later, New Hampshire Families Wait to Hear Shea-Porter Answer the Simple Question: Where are the Jobs?

Washington- It’s been a year since Carol Shea-Porter and her fellow House Democrats passed their trillion-dollar boondoggle through Congress and ultimately onto the backs of New Hampshire families. With unemployment climbing to over ten percent and the economy showing few signs of recovery, it’s time for Shea-Porter to admit that her so-called ‘stimulus’ is a failure. As Americans continue to seek relief during difficult times, Democrats refuse to admit their stimulus is a mistake as they charge full speed ahead with more partisan spending sprees. After a year of failed ‘stimulus,’ middle-class families in New Hampshire deserve to know: Would Shea-Porter support the stimulus boondoggle again?

In fact, the trillion-dollar stimulus has been such a failure that its sheer ineffectiveness will now cost taxpayers billions more than originally forecasted:

“The cost of President Obama's stimulus plan has jumped another $75 billion, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday, and part of the reason is more people are getting unemployment benefits because they've lost jobs the bill was supposed to preserve.

“The CBO now says the stimulus package, passed by Congress last February, will cost $862 billion over 10 years because of the added unemployment-related costs. The program had originally been estimated to cost $787 billion when Mr. Obama signed it in February. (Stephen Dinan, “Tab >From Stimulus Program Jumps, CBO Says,” Washington Times, 1/26/010)

After blowing billions of taxpayer dollars in an attempt to stimulate the economy, the Democrats’ spending spree has not only managed to increase unemployment rates, but has led to the largest federal deficit since World War II.

“New deficit estimates Tuesday project a $1.35 trillion shortfall for the coming year even as Congress debates creation of a bipartisan commission to propose long range steps to relieve the mounting debt facing the nation.”

“CBO projects that unemployment will average slightly above 10 percent in the first half of 2010 and then turn downward in the second half. But the building debt carries with an added burden. Once the economy improves, CBO says, higher interest rates will come back and bite the Treasury trying to finance the accumulated deficits.”  (David Rogers, “More red ink: CBO projects $1.35 trillion deficit,” Politico, 1/26/2010)

“The nonpartisan CBO, in a new report looking at the country's financial outlook, also found that the country faces giant budget deficits for the foreseeable future and has the biggest debt problem it has seen since just after World War II. The report is designed to give Congress guidance as it prepares to receive President Obama's budget for fiscal year 2011.” (Stephen Dinan, “Tab From Stimulus Program Jumps, CBO Says,” Washington Times, 1/26/010)

One long year after House Democrats passed their trillion dollar ‘stimulus’ boondoggle, Americans are facing daunting double-digit unemployment numbers and a skyrocketing deficit,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Rather than putting the brakes on her party’s reckless tax-and-spend policies, Shea-Porter has continued to rubber-stamp their runaway spending, further pushing the federal deficit into the red. After a year of punishing middle-class families with mountains of debt fueled by partisan government giveaways, New Hampshire families deserve to know: Would Carol Shea-Porter do it again?”

With these dismal results, can New Hampshire families really afford to elect Carol Shea-Porter to another term?