NRCC - Spending Freeze or Tropical Breeze: Shea-Porter Approves Millions for Caribbean Beachfront Property

As Deficit Explodes, Democrats Throw Away Taxpayer Money on Tropical Pet Project

Washington- As if anyone needed more proof that Carol Shea-Porter just doesn’t get it, the New Hampshire Democrat just voted to let the government spend almost $50 million on beachfront property in the Virgin Islands. To make matters worse, the government agency in charge of maintaining the land still doesn’t know if it wants to:

“The National Park Service hasn't yet decided whether it wants beachfront land in the U.S. Virgin Islands for a new national historic site, but House Democrats for the second time in two weeks will try to push the Park Service to do it, at a potential eventual cost in the tens of millions of dollars.”

“Republicans said the site can wait until after the Park Service finishes a study it's in the middle of — and which Congress itself mandated several years ago at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars — to determine if it's worthwhile.

“That's what the Park Service wants, too...” (Stephen Dinan, “Virgin Islands Land Eyed for Historic Site,” Washington Times, 1/25/10)

Unfortunately for taxpayers, Shea-Porter's latest government giveaway doesn’t stop at the initial costs:

“The Congressional Budget Office said to acquire the land and begin to put a management plan in place would cost $26 million over the next five years, and total land acquisition could take 10 years and cost about $45 million.

“Managing the site would cost about $1 million a year.” (Dinan, 1/25/10)

“Is Carol Shea-Porter completely out-of-touch or has she just stopped trying to pretend that she can be trusted with taxpayer money?” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Even the President is calling for a spending freeze, but Shea-Porter and her fellow House Democrats just can’t stop wasting money. Beachfront property might make a nice place for a vacation when voters throw Carol Shea-Porter out of office in November, but New Hampshire taxpayers expect more.”