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The Rise of Tea Party Activism

The New Yorker (Ben McGrath) - "I'm back for the Second American Revolution," the man said. "My weapons this time will be the Constitution, the Internet, and my talk-radio ads." If there was a central theme to the proceedings, it was probably best expressed in the refrain "Can you hear us now?," conveying a long-standing grievance that the political class in Washington is unresponsive to the needs and worries of ordinary Americans.    Read This Article at News From The Front




Daily Lickskillet How's that for "fuzzy math"?
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Dangerous Liberal Dissent in Citizens United
American Thinker - The dissenting opinion in Citizens United, written by Justice Stevens is remarkable and exposes the sometimes-camouflaged antipathy towards freedom held by liberal, big-government types.

Tea Party Leader Slams Obama Agenda
US News and World Report - "It didn't take long for the tea party movement to size up President Obama's State of the Union message last night. Within minutes of Obama leaving the House chamber, tea party leader Eric Odom issued a blistering analysis. The bottom line: The president didn't change the game in Washington."

Tom Campbell Leads Senate GOP Primary Poll in California
San Diego News Room - "Two weeks after dropping his run for the governor's seat and switching to the senate race, former Rep. Tom Campbell is now in the lead for the June 8 Republican primary, according to a Jan 21 field poll."

Scott Brown To GOP: Don't Count On My Vote
Riehl World View - "Nothing wrong with him being his own man. But will he be our man? Time will tell."

What's the Matter with the New York State GOP?
Red State (Brian Faughan) - "In the wake of Scott Brown's upset win in Massachusetts, Blue-Chip GOP candidates are coming out of the woodwork around the country. But there seems to be little progress in dark blue New York - at least when it comes to statewide races. With a dearth of good candidates (so far), New York may be one state where Democrats dodge a Republican wave that seems set to sweep the nation in 10 months."

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