Says budget disaster is a result of Governor Lynch's failure to lead

Concord, NH - Today, Cornerstone-Action's, Kevin Smith, commented on the NH Supreme Court's decision to rule against the legislature and Governor's decision to raid the medical malpractice fund as a way to fill the state's $110 million budget shortfall: 

"This budget disaster falls squarely on the back of Governor Lynch who failed to provide leadership during the budget process at a time when it was most needed.  Instead, he let House and Senate leaders concoct the terrible idea of stealing money from a private fund for doctors and simply endorsed it because he had no ideas of his own for how to balance the budget."

"After having also endorsed an income tax on small business and draining the rainy day fund, New Hampshire residents should be at the ready for even more massive tax hikes by this legislature and Governor because they just don't get it: it's the spending."