CHQ - GOP Shouldn’t Impose Litmus Tests on Candidates

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@RichardViguerie   GOP shouldn't impose litmus tests on candidates. Current GOP leadership is the problem.

Republican National Committee should reject litmus tests for candidates
ConservativeHQ (Richard Viguerie) - Richard Viguerie blogs on the proposal being considered by the Republican National Committee that would deny funding to candidates who did not meet political litmus tests on various issues:  "I'm pleased the state chairmen have voted unanimously against litmus tests for candidates.  I'm hopeful the whole Republican National Committee will follow this recommendation.  As I noted last December, the litmus test proposal is well-intentioned but would do little to solve the two fundamental problems within the Republican Party:  bad leadership and conservative acquiescence to bad leadership." 

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Red State - Blogger Erick Erickson provides an update on the GOP U.S. Senate primary race in Illinois, where conservatives are trying desperately to push forward the candidacy of principled conservative Adam Andrzejewski against the state's corrupt Party establishment-backed candidates.  Erickson thinks that Andrzejewski has a solid chance of winning next week if grassroots conservatives across the country will stand up, take notice, and join the effort to help put him over the top. 

The Tea Party Movement, the GOP & Making It Work
GOP USA  - Frank Salvato examines the origins of the TEA Party movement and also the Republican Party, and argues their shared characteristics could be molded into a potent political force for reinstituting Constitutional limited government.  Salvato argues that the GOP should re-invent itself into a massive and efficient support entity for running the TEA Party's chosen candidates - which will in effect move the power center outside the beltway and back to the people of America, where it truly belongs. 

Crisis of the Government Party
Human Events - Pat Buchanan writes of the problems Pres. Obama faces with his own followers - the progressives who chose him over Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party's presidential nominee, and the conservative Democrats and independents who put him over the top in the presidential contest over John McCain.  Buchanan says it's not possible to satisfy both groups - and the debt we accumulate in trying will potentially send us on a Big Government course from which it will be impossible to recover. 

House GOP seeks comeback strategy
Politico - Despite the Democrats being down in the dumps after a crucial loss in Massachusetts and their recent legislative setbacks, Republicans are in no mood to celebrate as they head into their three day 'retreat' in Baltimore.  Republicans realize that they're  still not exactly popular, with their many political failures and lack of principles fresh on voters' minds - and they're meeting this weekend to try and come up with a platform that the conservative base will be able to rally around. 

Steele told he must win Tea Partiers' trust
Washington Times - Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is being given lots of advice these days, and one piece came recently from Tea Party movement leader Dick Armey - telling Steele that he needs to win the conservative grassroots' trust, or not to count on their votes come election time.  Steele's controversial tenure as chairman and the GOP's continued direction-less wandering have only increased the grassroots' suspicions that the Republican Party isn't serious about their concerns.

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