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George W. Bush


GOP AND CORPORATE PRESS HAVE ONE GOAL  Keep Bush and Cabal out of Prison!
by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

Ask any American, or, in fact pretty much anyone around the world what President Obama's biggest failing is and they will always say the same thing.  Bush is out of prison, proof Obama is a coward or part of the same gang.  All any of us wanted was our country back.  It isn't like there weren't crimes any prosecutor could prove. 

We spend billions trying to convict children and mental defectives we kidnap off the street of terrorism and we have a gang here, still running their mouths, running free that is responsible for the deaths of 10,000 Americans, destroying the lives of 400,000 more, killing between 1 and 2 million around the world, 98% innocent civilians, and robbing America blind.

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