NetRight Daily: Worst Week for Obama

White House "Panic Week":  Barack Obama's "Panic Week" has come and gone, but did his White House learn anything from the historic repudiation of his leftist agenda? Putting the question another way, has Obama made the necessary course corrections or is he still refusing to hear the message that America is sending him so loudly and clearly?

Climategate Ignored in Coverage of SEC Ruling:  Global warming alarmism took some big hits toward the end of the last year with "climategate" and the collapse of treaty talks in Copenhagen. This might explain why front page coverage of the topic has fallen off quite dramatically in recent weeks. But there's an interesting New York Times piece in the business section concerning "interpretitive guidance"  the Securities and Exchange Council (SEC)  issued to help companies determine when they should disclose potential risks related to climate change.

Book Review:  In Search of Self-Governance by Scott Rasmussen:  No one has his finger more firmly planted on the American people's pulse than public opinion pollster Scott Rasmussen. His popular Rasmussen Reports have taking polling to a new level of accuracy, prompting Washington Examiner columnist Michael Barone to observe, "the best place to look for polls that are spot on is"

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