NHDP - Ayotte's Week: Out-raised, Out-Hustled, No Plans for Jobs, Deficit

As New Hampshire's Middle Class Fights Unemployment, Kelly Ayotte Has Yet to Provide One New Idea for Creating Jobs or Paying Down the Deficit


CONCORD - Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte spent another week silent on a plan to create jobs for New Hampshire's middle-class families. Despite steep unemployment numbers and skyrocketing health care costs, Ayotte has presented no new ideas to help the middle class recover, pushing only the failed economic policies of George Bush, from tax cuts for the wealthy to deregulation of Wall Street [Union Leader, 1/10/09].


Ayotte has also failed to come up with a plan to reduce the country's massive deficit. She came out against Sen. Judd Gregg's proposal which would have created a bipartisan panel to cut through Washington gridlock, rein in spending and reduce the deficit [Union Leader, 1/28/10].


"After being out-raised and out-hustled for another week on the campaign trial, Kelly Ayotte is still giving middle class families the silent treatment," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She doesn't have a new idea to create a single job and she has no plan to cut the deficit, even opposing a bipartisan commission to solve the problem. It's obvious that Kelly Ayotte's only plan is to support the failed economic polices that have led to record deficits and high unemployment."