NHDP - Rep. David Boutin Silent on Appearance of Scandal Plagued Republican Operative

Will Boutin attend Republican training or call on the invitation to be revoked given it is in his State Senate District?


Concord - Today the Union Leader is reporting that scandal plagued Republican operative, Andrew Breitbart, will be holding a strategy session in District 16.  Breitbart has come under intense scrutiny because of his association with videographer, James O'Keefe, who has been accused of illegally entering the office of Senator Marry Landrieu. 

Despite the charges, Rep. David Boutin has been silent on this strategy session being held in his senate district.


"Is Rep. Boutin going to attend the training?" asked Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Given the serious questions surrounding Breitbart and the fact that the strategy session is being held in his district, Rep. Boutin should call on the invitation to be revoked."


Rep. Boutin's role in the strategy session, and why conservatives are insisting on holding the meeting despite the scandals surrounding Beitbart, remains a mystery.


"What's Boutin's role in the strategy session anyway?" continued Richer.  "Does he support the decision to use such a scandal plagued operative to chart strategy? Is Beitbart setting strategy for Rep. Boutin's senate campaign?"