ALG Announces Citizen Education Project

January 30th, 2010, Fairfax, Virginia—Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today announced a citizen education project to report on Elizabeth Coulson's legislative voting record.

"The people of Illinois have a right to know the truth about Elizabeth Coulson's record of higher taxes and spending." said Wilson.  He added, "despite efforts to portray herself as a fiscal conservative, her record demonstrates a total lack of regard for hard-working taxpayers."

The citizen education project began an aggressive door-to-door effort this morning and will run through Election day.  The project is designed to get the facts to the people of Illinois' 10th District and will have volunteers spread throughout the 10th District communities talking to citizens and delivering fact sheets on Coulson's record.

"Elizabeth Coulson has consistently sided with the most extreme elements in Springfield," said Wilson.  "She has allied herself with ACORN, the radical activist group under investigation in 15 states for voter fraud.  She is also closely connected with the job-killing union lobby. These anti-taxpayer groups have funded Coulson's campaigns because they know she is a reliable voter for their extreme high-tax, wasteful spending agenda."

In addition to the on-the-ground education efforts, Americans for Limited Government will educate voters across the district and the country on the web at The website documents Coulson's extreme record and voters' reactions to the education effort.

 "We hope to give citizens a clear understanding that Elizabeth Coulson is saying one thing at home and doing something totally different in Springfield.  As a wasteful spender, high-taxer, and a zealous defender of radical interest groups, Elizabeth Coulson should be held accountable for her terrible record and made to answer tough questions on her destructive and costly stands," concluded Wilson.