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War Turned Backwards

Dear Mr. Terrorist


by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

Hello and Happy New Year from an American friend.  I hope your new year is one that offers both health, spirtual enlightenment and an opportunity to learn what you have gotten yourself into before its too late.  Take a look at that man beside you, the one who will some day hand you a bomb and tell you to kill yourself and, maybe, dozens of women and children, many Muslims.  Are you really sure he is who he says he is?  Like the "Al Qaeda" leaders in Yemen, you know, the ones who Dick Cheney decided to release for some unknown reason, are you, maybe, taking orders from someone like this?

You remember Usama bin Laden, Sallahu Alayhi Wa Sallams, do you not?  Remember why he said he had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks?  He said the Koran would not allow it. Does not the Koran say this is sin?  Look at poor Abdulmutallab, sitting in a prison in Milan, Michigan.  How do you think he was helped thru airport after airport, all run by Israelis, put on a plane full of Muslims, men, women, families,  going back to their home in Detroit, Fi AmanAllah, with orders to blow it up?.

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