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Michael Yon Arrested at Seattle Airport:  Apparently, Michael Yon was arrested at the Seattle Airport after refusing to tell airport security how much money he earns! This seems like a resonable reason to detain someone...

A Simple Question Left Unanswered:  On November 29th, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) put a hold on the nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and, at that time, hardly anyone noticed. Now, that there was a terror attack on U.S. soil and TSA was unable to prevent it, the left has turned its sites on DeMint.

Ben Nelson's Bogus Infomercial:  Move over Psychic Friends Network. Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson just became the latest contender for the infomercial throne. He's pitching his own brand of healthcare snake oil. And, he's sealing the sale in truest infomercial pitchman form, with the bogus guarantee: "Remember, folks, it's not run by government."

Get Used to Disappointment:  The savior of the world's political and social sins now can't even save the Copenhagen climate conference from disarray – or a blizzard. His stimulus package has stimulated the highest rates of unemployment in a generation; he can't get his healthcare bill passed; his approval ratings are below his predecessor's at this point in the first term; and not even bowing to foreign dignitaries can win him any political clout. He's even had to up the war ante in Afghanistan, riling Leftists the world over.

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