New Hampshire Liberty Alliance Endorses David Boutin for State Senate District 16

Hooksett, NH – David Boutin, a candidate for the State Senate District 16 seat, announced today the endorsement of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.  The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA) is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire.  The NHLA supports property rights, personal responsibility, government accountability and constitutionality.

“The NHLA have been tireless watchdogs of the taxpayers’ wallets and defenders of our constitutional rights and I am honored to have their support.  I am the only candidate in this race that has taken a pledge against a sales or income tax and I am the only candidate that is not beholden to any special interest.  I am committed to representing the taxpayers, working families and small businesses in district 16 and that means getting our economy back on track by stopping the Democrats radical tax and spend agenda.  I have a clear record of fighting for lower taxes in the State Legislature and I look forward to taking that fight to the State Senate,” said Boutin.

“Your race is a critical one in the state this year. You have been identified by the NHLA-PAC as a candidate who strongly supports public policy based on the state constitution, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. This is the hallmark of good governance, and we expect you will promote these ideals once elected to office,” said Stephen Villee, Treasurer of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance Political Action Committee.