NHDP - Frank Guinta's Abysmal Tenure as Mayor of Manchester Finally Comes to an End

After 4 years of failed leadership, Manchester breathes a sigh of relief as Guinta leaves the mayor's office

Concord - Today is Frank Guinta's last day as mayor of Manchester, and as he leaves his post the city is breathing a long sigh of relief.
Before Frank Guinta took office Manchester was thriving.  But under his tenure, the city has spiraled downward in virtually every measurable way.  When Guinta first ran for mayor, he promised to cut taxes, improve education, and reduce crime.  Today, Manchester schools are in shambles, crime is through the roof, and taxes under Guinta have gone up, not down.
And Frank Guinta's lack of leadership and poor fiscal management have most recently led to the Verizon Wireless Arena's bonds being downgraded to junk status, a possibility that Guinta was warned about in 2008.
"Frank Guinta's tenure as mayor was a disaster for the people of Manchester," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Despite rising taxes, Manchester schools are worse than they have ever been and the streets are less safe."  
"The only thing the people of Manchester and Mayor Guinta can agree on is that it's time for him to go," continued Richer.  
Guinta is now trying to parlay his time as mayor of Manchester into a congressional seat, but the candidate has faced increasing pressure for a campaign that, like his time as mayor, has consistently failed to live up to expectations.  
Despite the hype surrounding Frank Guinta's candidacy for Congress, he has struggled to raise money, and his poor fundraising results have raised serious questions about the viability of his campaign for Congress.   This has led to a number of Republican challengers jumping into the Republican primary including Bob Bestani and Rich Ashooh, a Vice President of BAE Systems.
"After his abysmal tenure as mayor of Manchester it's astounding that Frank Guinta is asking for a promotion to Congress," added Richer.  "And between his poor fundraising performance and the increasingly crowded Republican primary, it's clear the people of New Hampshire don't think he deserves one either."