NRCC - Dems Hijack Legislative Process, Hold Backroom Talks on Shea-Porter-Approved Healthcare Bill

With Democrats Hiding Behind Closed Doors, Voters Wonder: What Are They Trying to Hide?

Washington- In an attempt to bypass the legislative process and hijack the healthcare system, Carol Shea-Porter's party bosses have resorted to shady backroom dealings in order to force their unpopular healthcare agenda through Congress. Rather than hammering out details between the Senate and House versions of the healthcare bill before the watchful eye of the American public, Democrats have resorted to meeting in secrecy. While Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat foot soldiers are avoiding transparency and accountability at all costs, their closed-door negotiations could allow Democrats to include radical abortion language, a public option, earmarks, and unchecked runaway spending in the bill’s final version – with no input from Republicans or their own constituents. As House Democrats continue their backroom dealings in an effort to hurry along the process, taxpayers have every right to question: What are Carol Shea-Porter and her party bosses hiding?

 “Rather than convening a conference committee, Democrats will look to ‘pingpong’ the legislation between the two chambers — a regular practice for Democrats on major bills… Republicans have noted that Democrats have avoided conferences with regularity in order to avoid conference committees. Among the advantages for Democrats in the House is that the process usually prevents the minority from offering an alternative through a motion to recommit. Additionally, House rules that prohibit earmarks from being airdropped into conference reports would not apply.” (Emily Pierce and Steven T. Dennis, “Democrats Look to Scrap Conference to Ease Passage of Health Care Bill,” Roll Call, 1/04/2010)

No wonder Democrats are in such a hurry to push through healthcare legislation: national polling proves that the big-government healthcare agenda rubber-stamped by Carol Shea-Porter is a losing issue with voters.

 “Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters believe passage of the plan will increase the cost of health care, and 51% think it will hurt the quality of care.

 “Seventy-eight percent (78%) expect the plan to cost more than projected. As a result, voters overwhelmingly believe passage of the plan will increase the federal deficit and lead to middle class tax hikes.”


“Most voters favor the ban on abortion coverage for insurance plans that receive federal subsidies, and 47% believe each state should have the right to opt out of the federal plan if it passes. On a related topic, 34% favor a single-payer national health insurance system.” (“Health Care Reform,” Rasmussen Reports, 1/04/2010)

 “Despite her party’s empty promises for transparency, Carol Shea-Porter and Democrat leaders have repeatedly hidden behind closed doors as they push their reckless agenda through Congress and onto the American public,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “These shady backroom dealings are yet another reason that New Hampshirites simply don’t trust Carol Shea-Porter's healthcare sales pitch. By shutting out bipartisan negotiations and excluding taxpayers from the legislative process, Democrats are aiming to push through a healthcare agenda that will raise taxes, slash Medicare, and put small businesses and middle-class New Hampshire families in an even bigger bind.”