NetRight Daily: Today's Top News on NRN

Dodd and Dorgan Announce Retirements:  Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and a Democratic Party stalwart in the Senate, is set to announce today that he will not seek re-election this year, according to a party strategist familiar with his plans.

"Liberty Lost Forever":  There is a "good chance" that Obama Administration special counsel John Durham will recommend prosecuting Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Bush Administration officials for torture and other war crimes, as he concludes an inquiry Attorney General Eric Holder appointed him to undertake.

American Leadership - M.I.A.:  The president's responses to the recent bombing attempt on the Detroit-bound airliner and the Ft. Hood massacre have been tardy, generic and uninspiring, unworthy of his renowned oratorical finesse. In fact, only after months of indecisiveness did he finally give General McChrystal most of the troops he requested for the Afghan War.

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