CHQ - Texas Tea Partiers Launch Principled Conservative Challengers to Big Government Republicans

Hopefuls with Tea Party Ties Take on Texas Incumbents  

Dallas Morning News - "Texas has one of the most conservative delegations in Congress, yet more than half of the state's Republicans in the U.S. House face challengers from the right - most inspired by the anti-tax Tea Party movement. 'We have been encouraging people to get involved and ... to seriously consider running for office' against politicians whose views of government don't match their own, said Dallas attorney Ken Emanuelson, a leader in the local Tea Party movement. 'That's a good thing.'

"In Texas, 11 of 20 Republicans have drawn challengers. In nearly every case, Tea Party connections are apparent."

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Getting Control of Congress  

American Thinker (John Armor) - "In various ways, the people are strongly indicating that they think Congress is out of control and needs adult supervision. Particularly galling is the revelation that Senate leaders bought critical votes on the health care bill by dumping hundreds of millions in special benefits into states whose senators had withheld support -- until they got their bribe.

"Perhaps it's time to look to the states, where more tools are available to rein in profligate legislators. If similar constitutional restraints were imposed on Congress, many if not all of the recent abuses would be prevented permanently."

Karl Rove's Hypocritical Call for Fiscal Rectitude  

Cato@Liberty - "Even though I've been in Washington for almost 25 years, I still get shocked by the deceit and double-talk that characterizes this town. A perfect example can be found in today's Wall Street Journal, which features a column by Karl Rove attacking President Obama for fiscal incontinence. I'm a big fan of condemning Obama's big-government schemes, but Rove is the last person in the world who should be complaining about too much wasteful spending."

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