Ayotte For US Senate - In Case You Missed It This Week

Ayotte Calls for More Transparency in Health Care Negotiations

On Thursday former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte joined Republican state party leaders in a press conference in Concord to discuss the need for open and transparent health care negotiations. Earlier this week, C-SPAN Chairman and CEO Brian Lamb submitted a formal request to congressional leaders requesting they open the closed health care negotiations to the media. 

Democrats rushed to end debate and force a vote on their massive health care bill before the holidays, making questionable back-room deals that favored certain states. Paul Hodes and Democrats are now trying to negotiate the final health care bill behind closed doors after promising a transparent process.

During the press conference Ayotte said “New Hampshire voters deserve openness in the legislative process when passing a bill that will impact their health care and remake one sixth of our national economy. These backroom deals and negotiations will raise taxes; cut Medicare, increase the debt, and make health care more expensive for New Hampshire families and our small businesses. New Hampshire voters should be able to view the negotiations publicly, yet after past promises of a transparent process, Paul Hodes refuses to call for an open process.”

At the press conference, Ayotte also talked about the statement she had had made two weeks ago praising Attorneys Generals across the country for looking into the constitutionality of the backroom deals included in the Senate health care bill.

Kelly Ayotte understands that real health care reform will reduce the cost of health care for New Hampshire families and does not drive up taxes, increase deficits, cut Medicare, and hurt small businesses. Read Kelly’s Op/Ed from the Union Leader in which she lays out her plans for meaningful health care reform.

Ayotte Receives Endorsement from All Nine New Hampshire Sheriffs

Earlier this week, Kelly Ayotte announced she has the endorsement of each of New Hampshire’s nine county Sheriffs. As Attorney General, Ayotte worked closely with the Sheriffs to keep New Hampshire safe, and each of the last two years New Hampshire was rated the safest state in the nation. There are currently nine county Sheriffs throughout New Hampshire, with one vacancy in Rockingham County.

“As Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte was tough on crime. She was willing to make decisions that helped keep New Hampshire safe, said Jim Hardy, Hillsborough County Sheriff. “With our Nation facing so many challenges, New Hampshire needs Kelly’s proven leadership in the United States Senate.”

“Rural New Hampshire and the Northern part of our state have a friend and strong advocate in Kelly Ayotte,” said Doug Dutile, Grafton County Sheriff. “Both as Attorney General and as a candidate for Senate, Kelly has had an open-door policy, taking time to focus on issues important to us and making sure our voices are heard.”

The Sheriffs endorsement of Ayotte’s campaign continues a groundswell of grassroots support for her candidacy for U.S. Senate. They join Former Governor Steve Merrill, Former Congressmen Chuck Douglas and Bill Zeliff, Former Speaker of the House Donna Sytek, a majority of Republican State Senators, and more than 2,500 grassroots supporters who have signed up to help Ayotte’s bid.


Please forward this email to friends and family across New Hampshire.  Kelly is fighting for each of us.  Help her succeed today!