CHQ - Conservatives Rally Around Massachusetts Republican Senate Candidate

American Future Fund PAC Spends $400k Supporting Brown in Massachusetts Senate Race  

The Boston Globe - "The Iowa-based American Future Fund plans to spend $400,000 over five days airing a television ad comparing the two major-party candidates on the issue of taxes. The ad started airing in Boston on Thursday night.

"It highlights Brown's pledge to oppose tax increases and Coakley's recent comment that the country needs 'to get taxes up.' She was referring to tax collections from increased employment, and her aides immediately branded the commercial as an attack ad."

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Daily Lickskillet ...and angry passengers subdued the suspects.

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GOP Young Gun in Wisconsin Rebranding the Party on Conservative Principles   


Wall Street Journal - "Through the tall trees of northern Wisconsin, Republican Sean Duffy is stalking a giant. The 38-year-old district attorney is talking fiscal responsibility, job creation, entitlement reform. He's scoring Washington for higher taxes, and for a health-care takeover. He's Facebooking and Twittering. He comes across as a serious yet positive reformer, a combo that has caught the public's eye.

"He'll need that eye, and more, since his Goliath is one David Obey, Democratic head of the Appropriations Committee, the liberal bull who has occupied Wisconsin's Democratic-leaning 7th congressional seat since before Mr. Duffy was . . . born. That the Republican is getting some traction says something about how bitter voters are with the Democratic agenda. It says something equally important about a nascent GOP effort to rebrand the party."

Charlie Cook: Democrats Could Lose the House   

Investor's Business Daily - "Veteran political analyst Charlie Cook says retirements are creating a 'vicious circle' for Democratic politicians. For the first time, he sees a significant risk that Democrats could lose the House this year if trends continue. (Somebody alert RNC Chairman Michael Steele)."

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