SEIA - Manufacturing Tax Credit Announcement and Dept. of Labor Green Jobs Report Means Great Start to 2010 for Solar

Washington, D.C. – Rhone Resch, President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), released the following statement today, praising President Obama’s announcement of $2.3 billion in tax credits for clean tech manufacturing, and the announcement by the Department of Labor of $100 million for green job training:

 “This is great news for the solar industry and for the U.S. economy.  President Obama’s announcement of $2.3 billion in Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits means more factories and jobs will stay in the U.S.  Of the 183 announced projects, 51 are solar facilities representing more $3 billion of investment in new U.S. solar manufacturing.  For years countries like China and Germany have attracted new manufacturing, but now it’s the U.S.’s turn. Companies that have been waiting to invest in the U.S. now have the green light go forward with their projects.  This initiative will go a long way toward the U.S. reclaiming its global leadership in solar manufacturing.  

 “The 51 solar facilities are located in 18 different states demonstrating that solar is an industry that can create jobs throughout the country.   Three of the states hardest hit by the recession, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, will see more than $1.4 billion of new solar manufacturing.  Solar technologies were invented in the U.S. and this announcement will ensure that our economy benefits from this industry’s growth.

The Department of Labor’s announcement of $100 million for green job training will allow workers impacted by the troubled economy to gain critical new skills that will allow them to enter the growing solar manufacturing space.  The timing couldn’t be better. While dozens of new solar manufacturing facilities are under construction in Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, more than $28 million of the funding will go to Midwestern states that have lost thousands of jobs in the auto industry.  This new initiative will ensure that thousands of unemployed workers will learn new skills to gain employment in the solar industry. 

 “These announcements show the continued commitment by the Administration to creating new jobs and increasing American competitiveness in the rapidly growing global solar industry.”