AFP - Obama now says YOU are his "biggest problem"

Did you know that more than any other potential obstacle to the Left's agenda, Barack Obama is worried about YOU?




Barack Obama thinks that the 1.5-million citizen-activist members of Americans for Prosperity are the "biggest problem" the Left has to pushing through their agenda.

At a fundraiser in Philadelphia, where President Obama raised big bucks to try to stop Joe Sestak's slide in the polls, the President had this to say:

"That's the biggest problem that we have all across the country right now.  We've got great candidates who are taking their case directly to the American people, but they are being drowned out by groups like Americans for Prosperity."

And just this week at Obama's biggest rally since 2008 -- 26,000 screaming supporters in Madison, Wisconsin -- the President singled out AFP for attack yet again.

If you needed any proof that your hard work with Americans for Prosperity is paying off, there it is. 

You are stopping the Left's "transformation" of America from happening.  You are protecting the American Dream!

Remember:  This isn't the first time that the President has attacked you.  He made similar comments in Connecticut last week, and in Texas a few weeks earlier. 

Published reports indicate that by attacking YOU and other AFP activists, Obama raised:

$985,000 in Texas
$400,000 in Connecticut
$500,000 in Pennsylvania
$1,885,000 raised attacking 1.5 million AFP activists

He's raised nearly $1.9 million in just a few weeks by attacking everyday Americans who are fed up with Washington's arrogant big-spending agenda.

AFP is working double-time to beat back that agenda and change the direction that the Left is leading this country.  But, we need your help if we are to become a truly game-ending roadblock to the Left' disaster of an agenda.

If just 100 people donate $10 each today, we'll raise what Obama did from just one of his liberal friends in Connecticut. 

If just 248 people donate $50 each, we can match what they raised to get their picture taken with the President at one of these posh events.

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They think they can save their big government agenda by attacking the people like you who show up at tea party events and ask serious questions at town halls.  Their plan is to demonize you -- citizens who balance your checkbooks and expect your government to learn how to balance its budget.

AFP is making a difference. 

Right now, we're crisscrossing the nation with our Spending Revolt and November Is Coming bus tours to take our message to our fellow citizens. 

Right now, AFP activists are knocking on tens-of-thousands of doors and making even more phone calls using our At-Home Freedom Phone program. 

Right now, our television and radio ads are delivering a powerful message calling the Left out for its radical agenda.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM [LINK TO ADS?]

And when you join us today, we're going to make it really count.

1)      Sign up to make calls from your home through our Freedom Phone Project. 
2)      Sign up to be part of AFP's National Canvassing Day this Saturday, October 2nd
3)      Donate $10 to show Obama and his allies that AFP is YOU and 1.5 million other everyday citizens who work hard and expect more from their elected leaders.

The Left knows exactly who the real threat to their agenda is:  It's you, the hard-working backbone of our nation. You're the job-creating small businessmen.  You're the mortgage-paying, checkbook-balancing folks who believe in personal freedom and free markets.

You're the men and women willing to give up your free time to show up at tea party events and write your Congressman.  You're the people who sign up to knock on doors instead of hanging out by the pool. 

You're the reason that the Left really doesn't stand a chance of winning this fight -- if we all do our part for freedom.

Your donation today will help AFP to keep our citizen education efforts going strong at door steps and on phone calls across the country.

Donate $10 today to show the Obama and his Leftist friends that you're proud to be a part of the grassroots revolution that AFP and its 1.5 million other members are leading.

Thanks for your support,

 Tim's Signature

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S.  Obama and all the others on the Left can keep saying that you're "phony Astroturf" or that you're corporate puppets or that you're "having a temper tantrum."  Yesterday, in Wisconsin, he even called you "Republican operatives."  Whatever he wants to call you, we know who you are:  You are AFP.  You're the everyday folks who are going to save America because you are America.